When I started I didn’t want to create a large, faceless organization; where clients took a number and stood in line for service.  I wanted it to be a place where a client and I could sit down and chat; if a client called, I’d have time to talk; if they had a question, I’d personally get back to them quickly and not make them wait.  Over the years, I’ve gotten to know my clients.  I’ve seen their children grow up, go to college and now introduce me to their grandchildren.


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Here's what customers say:

"I am a small business owner, and Art Brown has prepared my taxes as well as our family's taxes for about 20 years. We have been consistently delighted with Art's expertise in handing complex tax issues related to home business, investments, rental property, and W2s. We can rely on Art to pay attention to the details and prepare accurate tax returns. We also like his secure portal for communications. Art is responsive, personable, and cares about our individual situation. We would not retain anyone else."


- A Resume For Today, Concord, MA



"Art has served as our tax accountant for over a decade. He is accommodating, diligent and responsive whenever we have questions. He was tremendous assistance to us during a tough period in anyone’s life, financing college educations. I would definitely recommend Art for anyone whether you just want to hand over your taxes or truly want to understand the tax laws and how they apply to the many situations that you’ll be confronted with during your life time."


- Lainey's Home Staging, Medfield, MA



"I am writing to endorse to Art Brown as we have been his client at Hudson Small Engine since 2006. He have done exceptionally well in preparing and ensuring that all Personal, Federal Tax and Business Taxes are prepared with the utmost accuracy and filed according to Federal and State regulations since day one.


He makes it a point to educate and keep us updated on current tax liabilities and deductions which as most are well aware can be complex.


His skills do not end with official work, but he is a personable individual that always has a cheerful attitude along with his wittiness. We believe these characteristics and his qualifications represent all that is good for the product he offers.


We would highly recommend him to any future clients."


- Hudson Small Engine, Hudson, NH

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